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War of The Spider Queen, book6, Resurrection [citation]

One of my favourite fragments in the whole War of the Spider Queen........


  • I fear we will not see each other again, dear heart, and I needed to look on you one last time. He did not belive a word of that last, though he very much wanted to.

  • -You've finished your charge and now return to Vhok's embrace? Is that it? He was surprised by the bitterness that leaked into his tone. His hands on her body grew less gentle. She smiled, reached up, and ran a long – nailed finger down his jaw-line.

  • You are so jealous, my mage. No, I will not return to Kaanyr. I have told him all that I was charged to tell, and now I am done with him. At least for now. I have grown interested in a different kind of man.

Pharaun ignored the implicit compliment.

  • What did you tell him of us? he asked.

  • Everything, she replied, That was my charge

Pharaun had expected nothing different, but the answer still pained him distantly.

  • If You will not return to him and your chrge is complete, why would we not see each other again? He asked her.

The question betrayed a certain weakness, and he hated himself for asking it, but he could not helf himself. She smiled, and her eyes grew as sad as her demonic blood allowed.

  • Because I do not think you will survive what is coming, she answered."

[citation from: War of The Spider Queen series, Paul S. KEMP : RESURRECTION, book VI, Wizards of The Coast 2005]

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