sobota, września 27, 2008

My Zwinky Profile - Cutie Girl with her cat

This little girl will change the outfit to represent me online. She can change as well shoes, hats as her pets..... . It is a great chance to turn oneself into princess at no cost. Playing fashion is always fun - for girls at least. Let's see what's in the wardrobe. ..... You can register online for free and explore the funny world of Zwinky.

Marlene Dietrich in man's clothes - perfect lady

Another great fashion style presented by ever ahead-going Marlene. As always stubborn and a bit shocking in men's clothes shows she is a perfect lady who can handle any kind of clothes with the same charme & chic - no matter it is a night gown or her husband's suit...... WOW WOW WOW She was really perfect one ....

Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong on the set of Shanghai Express movie

Here is the beautiful postcard published by Ross Verlag in Germany; Two co-stars on the set of Shanghai Express. Plain Art Deco fashion - fluffy feathers and traditional chinese dress side by side posing in front of camera. ....; Great Great stuff.... I really love this card for several days up for sale on ebay.... .

Marlene Dietrich postcards GIF SHOW

Here I made a short postcard compilation - all featuring Marlene Dietrich - the charming star of unforgettable face and legs.......

hope you like it.....

I am selling Marlene Dietrich postcards

Within several weeks to come, I am going to sell part of my Marlene Dietrich postcards. All of them are original vintage doubles published by such Publishing houses like Ross Verlag or Picturegoer.
Visit my ebay store and browse these unique glamour postcards featuring always tantalizing Marlene :