niedziela, marca 12, 2006

Aliisza alu-fiend - portrait

This is the first image of mine featuring Aliisza - my favourite female character. She was really cute seducing Pharaun in The War of The Spider Queen and teasing him to the very end of the book. If not for the Pharaun's premature death they would make a wonderful couple; equally wicked, wit-loving and temperamented. Aliisza had a crush on Pharaun and her incessant "appearances" here and there made Pharaun infatuated,or even strange as it may seem, "in love" with the demonic alu-fiend. Aliisza took his finger, after an ugly pass of the wizard, and something tells me it was just in purpose to RESSURRECT him soon in some other Forgotten Realms novel.....Lloth may only know when.....

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