wtorek, stycznia 31, 2006

Aliisza & Pharaun - the twisted relationship's end?

Who is she? She is an alu-fiend. What's her name? Her name is Aliisza.
Since she met Pharaun and got struck by his uncommon way of being as for drowish standards, she had been trailing her drow mage. Certainly it was not love for sure but rather some strange kind of infatuation, that pushes one toward making craziest things. She followed Pharaun ever since, just for lust, out of sheer passion and for fun. Was not he funny?
But...she is never crazy nor mad in love in the novel; her way of thinking and acting is ever calculated, is always clear and undisturbed; she laughs and playfully seduces Mizzrym; she disappears when likes and reappears when chooses so. In Ched Nasad she takes Pharaun away to test not only his “ready wit” and magical skills but to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh by sharing one bed with him. In fact it was enjoyable afternoon for Mizzrym. Soon after the pang of jealousy (a bit pretended, I think) makes her giving Pharaun warning . She keeps tracking the mage throughout the rest of the story, as a companion, spy, lover and helping-hand . She helps her lover at whim and leaves the scene when seems most needed. Hmmm, “fickle women”, Nimor said; so she is alu-fiend, after all..... . Pharaun and Aliisza have the same sense of humor, the same easy-going attitude to life. Good mood is never leaving our ever cheerful alu-fiend, not even when she finds the poor remnant of her mage in the Plains of Soulfire; what is unbecoming, quite the contrary.
The very last scene of my favourite couple together, is unbelivable and unexplicable. It is hard to belive that our cheerful and carefree alu (no matter how cheerful could she be) did not try to help Pharaun to survive. P.Kemp seems here to have been very much in a hurry finishing the Vith book .... . This is sad, because, even if the character was doomed to die, autor(s) could find some subtle expanation to the Aliisza's silence during the lethal onslaught of hellish spiders.... .

But in the end, I find some hope. I hope and even belive that this is not the final end of their relationship and resourceful alu-fiend will do "something"with the finger to bring the cutest mage back to life...... .

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Sunday morning and Pharaun's death

....the 29th Sunday morning shattered my whole world....
almost - Pharaun is dead and it is not the way I had hoped the story
to come to an end.....not this way

I aim to make this blog a tribute to this cute drow........

Have a nice day, as my day will not be so nice, I am sure....