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Lloth - [citation d'E.Cunningham]

"Comme la plupart des tanar'ri, Araushnee avait pris un nouveau nom: Lloth, reine démoniaque des Abysses. Elle s'était taillé la part du lion dans son nouveau royaume... . Des ligues entières de démons tremblaient désormais devant elle, se bousculant pour exaucer ses caprices."

[Éternelle Rencontre, Le Bercau des Elfes, Elaine Cunningham, Fleuve Noir 2000 ]

Lloth – skąd się wzięła ?[wg. Éternelle Rencontre, E.Cunningham]

Za swoją zdradę, bogini Araushnee została zamieniona w arachnida i zesłana na wieczną banicję do Otchłani.

Jak większość tanar'ri, Araushnee przyjęła nowe imię: Lloth - demoniczna królowa otchłani. Zawładnęła lwią częścią swojego nowego królestwa. Całe zastępy demonów drżały od tej pory przed jej majestatem, zabijając się by móc wypełnić jej zachcianki.”

[Éternelle Rencontre, Le Bercau des Elfes, Elaine Cunningham, Fleuve Noir 2000 ] z franc.tłum. ejm2000

Myth Drannor – powstanie miasta elfów [cytat. Tłum]

Jeszcze zanim zapadnie noc, Mytahl zacznie działać, okrywając całe miasto. Jutro, jak tylko będzie wystarczająco silny, nasze granice zostaną otwarte dla ras miłujących dobro. Nasze ambasady zostaną utworzone w królestwach krasnoludów, gnomów i halflingów. Cormanthyr od tej pory będzie nosił nazwę Myth Drannor na pamiątkę Mythala stworzonego za sprawą Mythanthara i Drannor, pierwszego elfa, który poślubił krasnoludzką kobietę.

[Elminster à Myth Drannor,Chapitre XX, par Ed Greenwood, Fleuve Noir 2000] – z franc. tłum. ejm2000

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elves and humans - different or quite similar ?[citation from Elminster à Myth Drannor]

...."Nous sommes tellement blasés que le moindre événement est volontiers monté en épingle...Alors, dame, quand un humain est parmi nous! Las, les grandes maisons détruisent leurs propres jouets.Plus j'en apprends et plus les elfes ressemblent aux humaines, se lamenta El, s'asseyant sur une colonne écroulée."

[Elminster à Myth Drannor,Chapitre VII, par Ed Greenwood, Fleuve Noir 2000]

les elfes -parangons d'honnêteté ? [citation from Elminster à Myth Drannor]

..."Comment oses-tu dire la vérité... Peu des miens ont cette audace. Avoir un interlocuteur honnête est un plaisir trop rare...- Qu'ouïs-je? Qu'entends-je? La taquina Elminster. Est-ce à dire que les elfes ne seraient pas des parangons d'honnêteté et de franchise?"

[Elminster à Myth Drannor,Chapitre VII, par Ed Greenwood, Fleuve Noir 2000]

the very beginning of Myth Drannor [citation from Elminster à Myth Drannor]

"Avant ce soir, Le Mythal prendra effet. Il couvrira toute la ville. Demain, dès qu'il sera stable, nos frontières s'ouvrirons aux races qui ne vénèrent pas le mal. Des ambassades seront envoyées dans royaumes des nains, des hommes, des gnomes et des petites gens. Cormanthyr portera désormais le nom de Myth Drannor, en l'honneur du Mythal conçu par Mythanthar et de Drannor, le premier elfe à avoir épousé une naine."

[Elminster à Myth Drannor,Chapitre XX, par Ed Greenwood, Fleuve Noir 2000]

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Forgotten Realms - Wulfgar and his Errtu problem

Some two weeks ago I started reading Paths of Darknes by R.A.Salvatore. Getting through The Silent Blade was something akin to getting through the boredom of evening classes. I am not kidding. Oh, I may be a little overdoing. If not for a Jarlaxle charming appearance and the final Entreri vs Drizzt combat, the book might have been somewhat lost on me. I got intrigued in people's love for Drizzt -related books. It is not about Drizzt himself nor even about the plot. It is rather about unnerving way of making action go in the book, that seems rather crawl akwardly around virtually nothing. The author seems to prefer long debates on moral issues, impossibly elaborate lectures on characters' reasons, reflecions and decisions to setting vivid and spellbinding action. The characters turn themselves into ever-considering creatures, gripped tightly by their past, derermined solely by dark experiences and disturbingly halted by their always keen for any deep self-analysis minds. Not to mention, Drizzts's always wise and out-of-place "Dear Diary" remarks that once churned out as from some sage's spacious sleeve, dive deep into abyss of reader's memory.

I daresay that Drizzt Do'Urden should publish separate book of philosophy instead of troubling his poor fans with these fruitful thoughts.

While in The Silent Blade I perceived some entertaining brakes, the Spine of The World is totally invaded by Wulfgar and his Errtu's shadow. No, no, no -it is much too much for me. Errtu, Errtu, Errtu is everywhere in the book. I am getting mad and sick of Errtu end his exquisite torments exerted on Wulfgar. I really do not wish hearing any more of this Errtu. I am even affraid that soon one day Errtu might come for me.... . This is how I feel turning another page and reading of incessant Wulfgar's Errtu-like problems. It is silly wasting chapters this way. In fact I got intrigued with the story of Meralda and Jaka Sculi that I read with keen interest but it is not the story to be put in the Forgotten Realms fantasy book. If one or two wizards taken out and so for the halflings and spells too we would get another simple book with nothing in common with fantasy story. The book is too long, too long for the events it brings in.

As if objecting to the above written I am going to continue reading the series that was not the case for Lord of the Rings I found exceptionally boring. Why? Just because In fact, the book is not that bad, and the most interesting is the reason for which people like to read it. Besides, the story as a whole is about Drizzt, I mean drow and this is the race I love the most, however Do'Urden himself is by no means a fair representative of it. Next – out of curiosity as nobody should ever criticize any book not reading it to the very last page. I may be just hoping to find some worthwhile adventures...just that..... . For the very moment now, I find The Drow Trilogy, far better series. I should underline that I really enjoyed reading it.

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why Pharaun had to die


Author of the last book of "War of the Spider Queen" explains the reasons behind the wizard's death......buuu

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to memory of Pharaun Mizzrym - poem "la passion a la drow"

This poem was created on 06 february 2006 out of sheer
passion and sadness too, in memory of Pharaun Mizzrym,
the cutest wizard of The City of Menzoberranzan.
The drow city sucked out of mercy, love and needs reaching
beyond wanton cruelty.
Falling in love with "someone" means taking him with
all the past, present and future. As The War of The Spider Queen
is only a creation of fantasy I hope that future of our
Mizzrym will not be that hard for him.
I am quite sure of it. There is no other option, or, I am
not who I am [and I am].

Let yourself be distracted for a while, though foolish,
these verses may seem to some of you. These verses tell a short
/very short indeed/ tale of passionate love, meaning mainly
the physical one.

Never mind...it is the way I like to write also in Polish...never
mind....; I just cannot imagine Pharaun doing any
stupid "billing and cooing"; he was a drow, though, a charming one....

"La passion a la drow"

How did I find you? Why ask?
May it be the the gorgeous crimson,
may it be at whim or else;
Why then ask? I never cared to know -
never did you claim this knowledge to possess.

Under the sky of rock and basalt,
the darkest toys of the Underdark,
through your bulging blood,
boiling hot, jutting mad,
will I get, my dearest, what I crave best -
place I fear or not even dare to name,
caressing demons may be just a play,
no match for passion we are about to share.

Just leave your spells aside,
throw your robes and rings away;
spreading love is a risky game
and squandering precious moments now
gives me creeps all way down.

Like streams of no hope and no return,
will desire be in high tide and come,
with blood – the deadliest foe of all,
will I thump like wild against your chest,
stealing lovliest breath, looting lips for kiss,
in eternal orgy of defensless flesh,
groping skin for more, hushing fire with fire,
gushing more and more, till sweat and speed,
have no place to hide, and nowhere to flee;
feel the lava burning stormy in your veins -
seeing sparkling sight, and arms as black as night
of the world above, unconscious, lost for life,
breathless breath, sunk like trapped within mine.

There is no pleasure that compares to passion,
quite as fast as that squeeze and rush,
bursting out cries and pleas,
as momentum gathers, and suddenly strikes.

Whenever my senses stirr
and my motions blurr,
await thunder like judgment which comes,
and must fade away along with yours.

Guess my precious wizard then?-
Are there spells of stronger power?
May you like to play once more?
Or maybe reharse, just for joy?

Why did I do that? How to know, dearest?
There are things one makes for gain
and other just just for lust;
never try to find it out,
either answer might by fine enough,
or even not...

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Pharaun Mizzrym in the act.....

....Poser & Photoshop clumsy duo....by me of course........I will do my best to get the better than this as my favourite dark elf mage should not be memorized as a naked fool; I just could not wait and kept late hours scribbling this akward picture on my PC....soon next will come.....and better I hope

The most wanted dark elf

..Of course, it depends.....but I have no second thoughts neither Aliisza would have....I suppose....

Pharaun Mizzrym - on the brink of infatuation....

The most wanted eyes in the whole Menzoberranzan.....
Pharaun must get back...... ; Otherwise it would be unjust....


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