czwartek, sierpnia 20, 2009

la passion a la drow

How did I find you? Why ask?
May it be the the gorgeous crimson,
may it be at whim or else;
Why then ask? I never cared to know -
never did you claim this knowledge to possess.

Under the sky of rock and basalt,
the darkest toys of the Underdark,
through your bulging blood,
boiling hot, jutting mad,
will I get, my dearest, what I crave best -
place I fear or not even dare to name,
caressing demons may be just a play,
no match for passion we are about to share.

Just leave your spells aside,
throw your robes and rings away;
spreading love is a risky game
and squandering precious moments now
gives me creeps all way down.

Like streams of no hope and no return,
will desire be in high tide and come,
with blood – the deadliest foe of all,
will I thump like wild against your chest,
stealing lovliest breath, looting lips for kiss,
in eternal orgy of defensless flesh,
groping skin for more, hushing fire with fire,
gushing more and more, till sweat and speed,
have no place to hide, and nowhere to fleet;
feel the lava burning stormy in your veins -
seeing sparkling sight, and arms as black as night
of the world above, unconscious, lost for life,
breathless breath, sunk like trapped within mine.

There is no pleasure that compares to passion,
quite as fast as that squeeze and rush,
bursting out cries and pleas,
as momentum gathers, and suddenly strikes.

Whenever my senses stirr
and my motions blurr,
await thunder like jugement which comes,
and must fade away along with yours.

Guess my precious wizard then?-
Are there spells of stronger power?
May you like to play once more?
Or maybe reharse, just for joy?

Why did I do that? How to know, dearest?
There are things one makes for gain
and other just just for lust;
never try to find it out,
either answer might by fine enough,
or even not...

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