czwartek, grudnia 06, 2007

passion for postcards collecting - the idea of collecting

What's so special about this postcard? Problably nothing at all - there are many copies in your old cartons and attics. But this particular one is MINE. And is part of my collection. I love looking at it and posessing it . I love posessing and you? Posessing is my addiction. I usually buy many books but my contact with the book purchased is probably the most intense in a bookstore. I take a volume, briefly look at list of contents, flip over the pages and constat that this one is just what I need. Wrong! - I CERTAINLY DONOT NEED IT. I never buy any book because of a stupid reason of need. I buy because I like and WANT. Moreover - like it NOW and HERE or THERE. Certainly I WANT IT. Then another feeling runs throught my spine and some lighty idea pops up - I MUST HAVE IT. "Must" is ultimate reason for which I buy. The "must" is just enough to justify the purchase. My happiness is probably the greatest just there -quite before paying - maybe even when I queue up before the checkout point. I love holding a brand-new book that is just about to enter my posessions. It is just like marriage - great clamorous party, lots of fun and ....years if living together, ups and downs... and so on. It's not that I be dissatisfied. Quite contrary. I am very satisfied. My new acquisitions are piling up unused and new - some of themunopened. Then the hard time comes when major decisions must be made as there more place for new ones.I must sell some of them not without regret. Posessing of some must finish to give way to other volumes of passions.
I love this postcard because I posess it and can dispose it. It is a part of my collection. I adore my collection and every single itemit is compsed of. The most of all. I love the fact there are so many more to be acquired, included in my collection and posessed... I just MUST have them. C'est un vrai coup de foudre.

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