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Forgotten Realms - Wulfgar and his Errtu problem

Some two weeks ago I started reading Paths of Darknes by R.A.Salvatore. Getting through The Silent Blade was something akin to getting through the boredom of evening classes. I am not kidding. Oh, I may be a little overdoing. If not for a Jarlaxle charming appearance and the final Entreri vs Drizzt combat, the book might have been somewhat lost on me. I got intrigued in people's love for Drizzt -related books. It is not about Drizzt himself nor even about the plot. It is rather about unnerving way of making action go in the book, that seems rather crawl akwardly around virtually nothing. The author seems to prefer long debates on moral issues, impossibly elaborate lectures on characters' reasons, reflecions and decisions to setting vivid and spellbinding action. The characters turn themselves into ever-considering creatures, gripped tightly by their past, derermined solely by dark experiences and disturbingly halted by their always keen for any deep self-analysis minds. Not to mention, Drizzts's always wise and out-of-place "Dear Diary" remarks that once churned out as from some sage's spacious sleeve, dive deep into abyss of reader's memory.

I daresay that Drizzt Do'Urden should publish separate book of philosophy instead of troubling his poor fans with these fruitful thoughts.

While in The Silent Blade I perceived some entertaining brakes, the Spine of The World is totally invaded by Wulfgar and his Errtu's shadow. No, no, no -it is much too much for me. Errtu, Errtu, Errtu is everywhere in the book. I am getting mad and sick of Errtu end his exquisite torments exerted on Wulfgar. I really do not wish hearing any more of this Errtu. I am even affraid that soon one day Errtu might come for me.... . This is how I feel turning another page and reading of incessant Wulfgar's Errtu-like problems. It is silly wasting chapters this way. In fact I got intrigued with the story of Meralda and Jaka Sculi that I read with keen interest but it is not the story to be put in the Forgotten Realms fantasy book. If one or two wizards taken out and so for the halflings and spells too we would get another simple book with nothing in common with fantasy story. The book is too long, too long for the events it brings in.

As if objecting to the above written I am going to continue reading the series that was not the case for Lord of the Rings I found exceptionally boring. Why? Just because In fact, the book is not that bad, and the most interesting is the reason for which people like to read it. Besides, the story as a whole is about Drizzt, I mean drow and this is the race I love the most, however Do'Urden himself is by no means a fair representative of it. Next – out of curiosity as nobody should ever criticize any book not reading it to the very last page. I may be just hoping to find some worthwhile adventures...just that..... . For the very moment now, I find The Drow Trilogy, far better series. I should underline that I really enjoyed reading it.

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